Were you meant to bring pain, tears and sorrow
or to bring happiness, joy and light?
Should we smile because you exist
or cry because you are a life-destroyer?
Should we trust you because you bring light in our lives
or be afraid of you because you bring pain?

Every opportunity becomes an obstacle because of you.
You destroy so badly that every dream is impossible to reach.

Do you know how many orphans you’ve made in this world?
Do you know how many lives you’ve destroyed?

Everyone stares at you with eyes filled with tears.
You are turning every life into death.

Most people can’t see or find the reason to be alive because every pain is endless.
You are so dangerous, evil and cruel.
Why can’t you warn before you destroy?
You take people’s lives so unkindly.
Where are your manners and sympathy?

Does the world have to be empty in order for you to stop this cruelty?

No matter how big or strong you are
One day we will conquer you
We will never be defeated by a non-living thing.