I remember the first time at the academy. I was so excited but I had no confidence.
To be honest I am a quiet and shy person. I remember my hope was to gain self-confidence.
I remember when I started to achieve my hopes by ensuring that I didn’t compete with anyone but strove to be a better person than I was before.
I remember coming out of my comfort zone and revealing my leadership skills.
I remember accepting responsibilities for failure and setting goals, developing life plans for the future.
I remember all that has been achieved through my commitment and allowing myself to learn, experience and seek clarity where necessary.
I remember removing obstacles for change by prepared psychologically to take on the challenge of leading.
I remember being brave enough to let go of my fears which almost compromised my future and stopped me from being able to realise my true potential.
I remember my book titled, The Bridge of Hope that portrays that I am now ready take on the challenge of leading.

I remember all that is in the past.
I remember being told by my facilitators that I am now a determined and dependable leader and the advice I was given.
I have so much to offer, I must not be discouraged by what people say.
I should continue with the good work I have started because I am strong and I will be successful.

As the title of my book emphasises you should focus, and perseverance is the key.

I remember my facilitators.
I remember Zama Mbhele.
I remember Kamohelo Ramaipato.
I will never forget them.
They will always be in my heart.

My future looks bright.
I am walking in the light.
“Champions keep playing until they get it right.”

I remember, I remember.
I remember, I remember.