It’s 08:45 Monday evening
I had six online classes today
I missed them all
50% because I cannot afford equal education right now
And 50% because I have an assignment due at 11:59
Which in theory I should only spend three hours on
But I haven’t been to class
So maybe I might have to seven hours on it because
This 11:59 is worth more than 1% of my final mark
And it means the difference between me saying
I made it through these tough times
This 11:59 is the difference between the smile and the sad face
That made my parents say
Even if you don’t make it, we will understand
But what you don’t understand is I have to
Keep chasing these 11:59s
Even when they cost me my sanity and my smile
Because I have to make it through
So my children would be able to afford equal education in times like these
As long as I’m able to catch the 11:59 train
Before it turns to 00:00
On my gradebook as well
I promise you will see me smile, soon