It’s 2 in the morning, I haven’t slept a wink.
Sleep is eluding me once again,
I find myself browsing through Facebook.
Then I see her, my thumb stops immediately.

I stare at her eyes, her brown eyes pierce through my soul.
I should say something, maybe send a text.
Would she reply? As uncertainty overwhelms me,
I can’t help but wonder if her heart is as kind as her eyes.

To the girl I haven’t met,
would I be able to hold back my tears when you smile at me?
Would I be able to touch your delicate skin
without worrying about the punishment I’ll receive from God
for touching one of his angels?

I wonder how your eyes look face-to-face,
do your eyes sparkle like Mali garnets, gems held against the sun?
Will I not be able to lie to you when you look at me?
Or will I struggle to form words?
I pray you have a sense of humour
so we can both laugh at the mundanity and futility of life.

I hope you don’t have an infectious smile,
I want to be mad at you sometimes.
I’ll try not to make your sad,
your sadness would break me, and I’ll have to hug you
until your heart is mended again.
I’ll tell you every day how lucky I am to exist
in the same time as you.

Together we’ll fight nostalgia,
we’ll be too busy enjoying the present to think about the past.
I don’t care about the colour of your skin,
your height or the shape of your body.
I just want you to be comfortable and confident
in whichever form you come in.

I’ll win your mother’s affection,
I’ll bring her flowers as beautiful as you and
I’ll earn your father’s respect,
I’ll bring him a couple of fat cows.
The state of the cows is symbol of what your love will do to me.

To Asekho, the girl I haven’t met,
one day I hope to hold you.