Today I stared out the window,
And what I saw was a blur to me,

The sound I could hear was that of
Trees blown by violent winds

The sky…

The look of things was painted ghastly
By this lightly falling rain
I see roses in the next-door neighbour’s
Yard and they seem to stand out for their colour is red
And just a moment ago I was in bed
And wasn’t sure at that moment
Staring out the window if I was

At that thought my heart beat
(I don’t know, maybe…) a beat or
Followed by uncontrolled cold shivers
At the thought of long-lost faith
Of a son who is supposed to have us delivered
Or “preferably”
As if that path could be escaped narrowly
When it’s thinner
The lyric of the word could be harmonised differently
In all honesty angels are just horrible singers