Back then during my childhood
Life was a free ride with no regrets,
When I was a crybaby my folks were
The only superior people in the universe,
My anger only lasted a minute.

Being a child is a blessing: it comes once,
Once gone never regained
Like the Grim Reaper deeds can’t be reversed
Like a motor-cycle it moves forward to infinite

I would run around when it was rainy: bareness
I would be fussy if taken away from the falling blessings.
I would regret not dancing in the rain.
The only worry I owned was that of not having fun.

Now life is filled with trials, temptations and distress.
Every evening I have to wonder about tomorrow:
What should I eat, wear, drink or do to keep body and soul together?
Who made me old? My childhood was perfect: they knew how to raise a child.