Let the storm rumble and rage on
Let my mind’s lens scan the landscape
Of my insignificant life
Entangled in anarchy and web of lies
Maybe Taylor Swift was righty,
l have(bad blood),or lam spooky
and freaky as Lady Gaga
but where is the so called mother to
tell me that

Drawn in my own world lam
At least in my escapism fantasy world ,
the impending peril is less threatening
There she is perfect as l want her to be
She is a super woman and a pillar of strength like Oprah.Reality dawns in
vivid and vicious ,she is simply not here
Off with the grim reaper she went .
So long mother hen

Poisonous bile,anguish,inner conflict
A heart divided into two,the other side
making excuses ,pleading for her
Bittersweet isn’t it
L love and hate you mom,
A voice keeps screaming (that’s a perfect recipe for disaster and insanity)
But Pink will say that’s true love
Maybe just maybe if l keep my eyes and ears glued down on mother earth
a termite mighty tell me that your
mother’s skeleton is doing fine
So long

An Ogre of jealousy consumes and torments me,
Are they blabbering when they brag,
about ever flowing mother’s love?
They are so blinded by her exaggerated tenderness , maybe Shakespeare was righty this world is nothing but a great state of fools,l stand to be corrected on this one but the impossible mistry is,
who will enlighten me?
So long mother hen