You’ve been there for me.
At times, I would be wrong
but you stood by me.
Please, never leave me.

Friends is what we were,
bros what we’ve become.
Family we’ll always be,
this is because of your charm.

You are funny,
you remind me of gummy.
You’re the best,
better than the rest.

You gave me a chance to be myself.
I know my true self.
All because of you,
I feel new.

You made my 2020 the best.
It was better than a treasure chest.
You yourself is great.
You were brought by fate.

It has been a journey,
all those weird experiences
and the weird fantasies.
It wasn’t always sweet as honey.

You really are a friend,
I wish it never comes to an end.
’Cause I’m still looking forward
to what the future holds.
I hope you will be there
when it unfolds.