I’m sitting down on a rock.
Having a broken wing at my back.
I feel pain.
I can feel blood coming from a wing
My left wing…
I can’t fly any more.
I can’t see the world but I can walk.
I can climb the mountain.

I feel like nobody can love me.
There is an anger in my heart.

I can’t fix my wing but
I can move on
How can I move on
When it’s hurt the most…?
How can I fix my life?

Life is about sacrifice…

I have been tough and strong,
It’s just that I’m afraid.
Afraid to love to share my heart,
Because I feel ashamed of myself.
I’m ashamed of my broken wing.
Sometimes I push those who love me away,
Because I don’t want them to see
That I can’t show my true colour…

I wish one day God will answer my prayers
Because my only problem is that I’m scared.
I just want to let go of being scared.
And show the world what I can do.


Don’t be afraid
When time is right
Come out and
Show the world who you are