You live a life of pretence
Pretending to be someone you don’t even know
Why do you have to??
Dearest you
You look good in your own skin
Or do I have to ask?
Do you even know yourself?

For in you I see
A great somebody
With a bright future
It all seems impossible now
Do you even think of yourself?

Coz it seems like all you wanna
Do is impress other people…
People who don’t even care
How do you dare?

You have greater dreams
But it seems like
Now you are living somebody else’s life
You have stolen somebody else’s dreams
And you are wearing somebody else’s skin.

Are you living your life or just waiting to die?
You live every day
Not planning ahead for the next day
You live a life of every day is a surprise
For you, life is a prize
I’m not trying to bother you

My intention ain’t to trouble you
But Just to put sense into your head
Make you realise
Is that how you wanna live?
Or don’t you perhaps have dreams?

You are better than that
You are destined to be a better person
God has huge plans for your life
Try… try and try by all means
To live your own life.