Failure you are not bad at all.
I failed they laughed.
Some celebrated.
They felt sorry for me.
I felt sorry for myself.
I thought you are a curse.
I have never failed before.
But yet I feared you.
I tried all my best to make sure that you never played a role in my life.
Yet you won the audition.
The audition that only success was invited.
I hated you but I found myself learning to accept you.
You showed me you not that bad after all.
You were just a lesson.
A lesson that once faced with one shall not feel sorry for themselves.
Because once you and I connected.
I picked myself up.
I took off the dusty clothes that were beginning to suit me.
I let go of the attitude you came with.
You were a lesson.
A lesson with a different syllabus.
A lesson with two outcomes.
A lesson not for the faithless.
A lesson that chooses no loser but a fighter.
Failure you are not bad but I ended up winning the battle.
A battle that needs no experience or documents to win.
So are you a FIGHTER or LOSER?
But failure to me you not bad.