As a human I’ve got rights
Rights that no one can take away from me
I am made from the victors and the vanquished
Together striving for peace
Standing in pillars of sisterhood, dignity,
liberty, and equality

So said the great man
“No one is born hating another person
Because of the colour of their skin,
People learn to hate”
So if hatred is learnt, why can’t love be?

Does my skin mean I should not be respected as human?
Does my skin mean I should not be part of a new society?
Am I to blame for the mistakes of the past?
For those who suffered under oppression, depression, and rejection?

As I stand upright to state my declaration
That all rights must be respected!
Disagreements dissected!
Hatred detected!
Errors corrected!
Having peace selected
Selected as our ultimate aim of our words and actions
Connected as one standing on our four pillars
Sisterhood, dignity,
Liberty, and equality