Today I awoke under a blanket of joy
And melodious alarms
Last night I melted in your arms
Your baby-soft palms
Enclose my face like brackets of romance
Waking up here in heaven,
These must be god’s plans.

I lie here,
Amazed at these hands
That have glided so artistically
Over that silky body
After just one kiss
I flooded your mail

With love letters that have kept me sane
Pleasure has delivered me from heartbreak’s pain
I stumbled, and still do,
Realising that charm and swag are much needed,
And yet you are my boo,
So I must have succeeded
I love you,

Tell me now that you have heeded
Waking up here,
Next to a beautiful you
Reminds me,
What we have is true
I know now that this is just another day in paradise