Today you’re the only hope for your family
You’re the only one they hope will change the situation
They know you can make it through your dedication
You need to push more and to get rid of education

There is no one
Absolutely no one but you
Only you can alleviate that poverty
End those hesitations and misery
Even in times of dissension you’ll create unity
Keep on praying with trust in God of trinity
Now take this chance as your opportunity
Change those dreams into reality
Never forget to set your family as your priority

You are the one to wipe their tears
Hold their hands and tell them no more fears
One day you’ll take them out for meals at steers
Because you’ve fought poverty using bowls and spears
Tell them no more worries you’ll become their precious princess

One day you’ll give them memories to sustain
Narrate them stories of hardship like water in a drain
Situations of life come like a heavy rain
But you made it through consistency and using brain