Closure is a myth

A mystical fit to relieve
Longing pain, questions to page
Hope, anger and grief

An established prodigy that haunts and taunts.
Some with the darkest desires to rift and scar this Earth.

Closure is a myth.
The very life and soul of these cliffhangers
That challenge the bounds of this sanity, insanity.
I repeat, closure is a myth.

Trapping you in a language between human and beast
Roots to loss, a prolonged imminence.
It’s imminent because closure is a myth.

The twilight and beauty of these tricks and trades
We intellectually subconsciously to unconsciously
Discover our fallacies and question, is closure still a myth?

When laid within the potency to montage our memories
We commit all consciously and admit destiny
The same time closure birthed anaesthesia…
And the rest is a mere inkling of yesteryear
In the bridge of presumed myths.

Who is your closure?