Oh! Africa lizwe elihle,
Africa the land of my
Ancestors, the land that
Gave birth to kings and
Queens, the land once
Filled with humanity,
The land that once had

Kwenze njani Africa enhle?
Goreng le bolayana bolona?
You once had love for your
Brothers, but today
Neighbours have turned
Against each other wars
Have spread across the
Boarders na o tseba kopano

A o tseba lerato lela la
Kgale? A o gopola bophelo
Bola ba pele a wa bona
Bohloko bo ban aba gago
Ba bo bonago? If the answer
Is yes, what are you doing
About it?

Let the sun shine, on what
Was once a land of pride,
A land of respect,
A land with the spirit of Ubuntu,
Africa khanya ukhanyise izingane