As she was asked who she was
She paused in silence and looked down for a few minutes,
Then she lifted her face slowly so she could look at them again.

As she looked at them, her eyes were teary & she said:
“I was once happy, so happy and excited because my days
of searching for him (my dad) were over, because I thought
sengifike ekhaya, ekhaya lapho ngizo funda imvelaphi yam na masiko a kith”
Kodwa she was never accepted in that clan as her paternity was doubted,
That moment, she felt like foreigner in a place which was supposed to be home.

That’s when she knew it was time to move on.
She knew it was time to accept and continue to live under that fake identity.
She knew it was time to accept that she was conceived by mistake
(in fact she was a mistake)
Sad thoughts came across her poor mind as she spoke, then she said:
“Maybe I am a product of lies & lust?”
A product that was born to be confused, sad, heartbroken, doubted, rejected and denied.
A product that was meant to be aborted from her teen mom and thrown away as a fetus,
Or meant to be a miscarriage or die during birth.
Something never meant to exist.

She said: “I am a mistake
That’s who I am”

Maybe her name was supposed to be Dikeledi
She wipes off her tears.