If South Africa was a country in unity (umanyano)
Humanity (Ubuntu) and respect (intlonipho) was going to be our slogan
We were going to be proudly South Africans
Not because we are South Africans
But because we are proud of South Africa
Our God given country from the heavens

Oh our beautiful country situated at the south of Africa
Where the roots of the continent are
The only country in the world that is decorated with provinces
With the ornaments of different languages and flowers of black and white people
The only country in the world
With its national anthem made of four languages to show peace and oneness

We were supposed to be in seventh heaven
We were supposed to be enjoying it like flies but we allow racism and discrimination
Which leads to insecurity to kill our vibe
We were supposed to be united but we allowed divisions of provinces
Which was created to divide the country and to divide us
We were supposed to be well respected but we allowed disorder in leadership
Which leads to humiliation and embarrassment to kill the South African pride

We were supposed to be happy
But we allowed status, bitterness and selfishness
To take our happiness away from us
Just like a knife visiting the neck of a chicken

Death has visited our country
People are dead, only plants and animals are left
Evil and greed has turned into our flag
Mina ngi ngumZulu, mna ndi ngumXhosa, nna ke moSo
Separation due to languages has turned into our national anthem
People have turned into animals and animals into angels