A fierce competitor
With a gentle soul
Rest assured
She knows her role

For she is bold
She has a heart of gold
But when that heart is twisted
Then her wrath turns cold

You may get sickened by her
When you’re on her left
That’s when you know for sure
That you’ve failed the test

She doesn’t take prisoners
She only embraces winners
The rest she eats for dinner

Don’t go too far
Coz you won’t get far
She is a star
And above par

She devours her prey
And makes them pray

From humbled beginnings
She hath walked the path
She knows for sure
Which routes are bad

When daylight turns to night
She prepares for the vultures
In her sight
She pounces on them
She shreds them to smithereens
She glides away peacefully

The lioness is no match for her
Neither is the eager hyena
She runs circles across them
Whilst trapping them in the maze
A slithering snake can only but wince
As she tries to venomize her prey
The tigress blinds her with her own medicine
As she grinds her head into the ground
Without blinking an eyelid in between

Like shattered glass
Raining down
On a wintry German night
She splatters her prey
And brings moon light rays
To expose the secrets
Hidden from the day