My world, my respective worldwide
The street that’s causing problems to us as the youth
On the other side it’s good to be on the street
But on other side it’s not good

Some of us were staying on the streets
Smoking drugs, forgetting who we are
As a young poet and writer
I learnt and saw how hard it is
Taking dozens of drugs just to get by

People we are all nature
We’re all young and talented teenagers
Who start destroying our lives by choosing the wrong friends
Then we see ourselves as better and richer
Because of street behaviour

In life many kids who use drugs
Started by running away from their loved homes
Stealing, hijacking, other innocent people
So I learnt that living on the streets is bad living
Because we may end up in jail

This poem is to indicate to young readers and
Parents who are supportive of their kids
I am raising awareness of street behaviour
My words are…
Girls of today are lazy and can’t cook
Because of the street
They disrespect their parents
Insulting them and telling them about their rights

I am Seun Masemola
Standing here at Fundza raising awareness