You stole her heart
But you didn’t keep it
You made her believe in you
When she expressed her feelings
You ignored her, you gave her a hot slap
You tortured her mentally.

You promised to protect her
But you made her a victim
You raped her,
You impregnated her
Left her mixing tears with saliva to grow your seed.
You promised to love her
Your empty promises broke her.

You stole her happiness, confidence and love.
In her heart you sow a seed of hatred
Now a fruit of anger is growing
She told you her secrets but you decided
To use them as a weapon to kill her

She made you a king,
But you made her your slave.
Now every man has become her enemy
She has a strong connection with you.
You decided to break her heart.

You built a home
She brought warmth
But you threw her out like a dog
She put you first in everything
Still you treated her like rubbish.