Exquisite physique with a complementary face
Makes a man lose his guts,
Nice angelic voice, every time she greets me,
It feels like she caught me off guard,
Flat stomach and a nice small butt,
If only she didn’t have so many buts.
Pain made her a tough nut,
Love gave her a rough start,
Drama and tears all the time,
Nothing lifts her soul, she grew a heavy heart.

I knew she liked me, I liked her too, but we shared pride,
So we stopped wasting time,
I made her mine.
Initially there were less turbulent motions,
Never-ending sweet cellular notifications,
Then she had so many controversial questions,
There was always tension,
I guess we ran out of love potion,
Her soul was rich but her eyes too broke to pay attention.
Her brain barely worked, she always thought with her emotions.
Sadly, we ended our sweetest devotion.

She was beautiful, but her past scars were too deep,
She was beautiful, but her insecurities made her impossible to keep,
She was ever searching for reasons not to love me,
But because she always found nil, that stole her sleep,
We had no rhythm, I was always walking while
She stood still.
She never lets anything out, she’s constipated,
Her eyebrows are ever raised, she’s always agitated,
My jaws are ever dropped, her attitude leaves me jaded,
I’d be long gone for good, but she can’t be traded.
Her voice was soft, but her words strong,
She was short, but her pride tall,
Knew nothing about soccer, but she knew how to kick my balls.
I made her superior,
While she was hurting my interior,
I made her visible,
But to her, my efforts were invisible.
Her drama was sometimes bearable because
Even when she was mad, her face was still amicable,
Her teary black eyes still unavoidable,
Her lips enjoyable and,
Her loud voice, a necessary trouble

She was stabbed by her exes
With their sharp edges of lies and disloyalty like axes,
But she came to bleed unto me,
They took enthusiasm-to-love from thee.
Last time I saw her, the senses were growing,
I hope they became not a shrub, but a tree…
But I will wait, for I’m all she needs…
After all, to this very growth, I’m the seed.