I am your heart,
usually I have the mind by my side
to keep me in check,
but I managed to slip away
and wonder,
the mind never lets me wonder,
it’s not allowed,
but I can’t help but wonder,
it’s in my nature.

I want to love,
I want to trust
but I keep getting hurt,
the mind has become my caregiver,
a bouncer, if you will,
always there to keep me
from falling too hard
and scraping little bits of myself away,
but every now and then
the mind thinks:
I’ve learned my lesson
so I’m free to roam,
but sadly old habits die hard
and I still end up hurt.

I don’t have the nerve to actually admit
that all this pain, all these scabs
only harden the heart
and one day the mind
will let me explore
and I will simply have no desire for it.