Albinism what are you to me?
Are you a choice to me?
Should I take you as a life?
Should I put you in my heart for me to be hurt always in life?
Am I as human as you take me as in this world?
Should I always keep on being worried about my life?

I always question myself on what life is
I always ask why everything like this is in my life
What sin did I do to this life to be discriminated against?
What good am I to life when I live like an animal hunted?
Are my skin and eyes excluding me from humanity?
What is it that makes people think I’m a curse or a blessing to them?

What good are my body parts to humanity?
What healing or richness do they bring to humanity when I can’t even heal myself?
Or get myself rich when I live a normal life like them?
I always wish to be pigmented like them and be loved like them
And not be taken as a sickness to life.
What life will be given to those like me
When there is nothing that makes me stand for them
To have a better life for them to prosper in this world?

Do hats, sunscreen, umbrellas and protective gear
Exclude me from being human?
Do my skin and eyes create a reason for not getting a better job
Or being loved by those not having my condition?
What is this name-calling I get from people who always hurt me?
GOD did you create me to be discriminated against in this world?
Am I a genetic disorder or a human?
Am I a testing cube for dermatologists to test their products on my skin?

Why do people always feel pity for us when they see us?
Or when they give their hearts to us?
Why do people believe myths rather than what You created GOD?
Why do I always have to fear for my life, the life You gave to me?
I need happiness, love and the treatment I deserve as a human in this world.
When will I stop fighting this stupid fight of myths and discriminations?
When is my freedom coming to this world or will it come through my death?

Why can’t other parents teach or tell their own kids that
We are as human as them unlike calling us names and cursing us themselves,
What good are other parents when they leave or hide their kids because of albinism?
Until when am I going to fight for my freedom and stop this killing of us?
Should I hate or love myself?
Should I give up on life for people, when they make me?
GOD had a reason for me to be born in this world like this,
So accept me as I did myself, as a human like you who has feelings as you do.