A coward is a man who runs
from taking charge of his
He is not brave at all
What a coward, driven by his ego
to his woman he’ll always
Raise his hand

To his unborn child he seeks an abortion
And to his past he left another man to raise his infant
It doesn’t take a fight to notice a coward
But the steps he takes when he backs down when shots are

What a coward, he spoils the outsiders
while his family sleeps
With an empty belly
I’d rather lose sight than to be considered a coward
For when I’m blind, a dog shall
bark for me to take a step

What a coward, he lives to impress his peers
While all he needs is a map to direct
his way of overcoming
His fears
For the world to go around, we don’t need cowards
And a land ruled by the brave experiences no hazards
What a coward, to achieve greatness
Be no coward