Carey refused to pay her servants the full price and they turned against her.

Carey: What if we get caught?

Thug: He doesn’t know us.

Carey: I told you days ago: go and kill them before they wake up.

Thug: John is the main suspect now.

Carey: Not if they wake up.

Thug: You have to pay us now.

Carey: (shouting) Or what? You need my pay cheque to live?

(Thug pulling out a gun: Not after this…)

Carey: How dare you threaten me?

Thug: You’ve got money now. I will just take that money.

Carey: No you can’t! (The thug shot her in the head.)

(Police searched her phone and found all the messages she sent to the thugs when she sent them to punish Abram.)

Policeman: Mr Peta…

John: You can call me John.

Policeman: All charges against you have been dropped.

John: How come?

Policeman: Carey is the one who sent thugs to punish Abram. The good news is that Abram woke up three days ago and the Restraining Order against you has been cancelled. You can visit them now.

John: Can I get valid proof?

Policeman: Sure kid, come to the station.

John: Thanks for your time.

[The Sodi and Modiba families were informed about the developments of the case. Mrs Sodi was still not happy that John was free. All she wanted was him sentenced to life. Tension was rising at the police station.]

Mrs Sodi: Tell me, how did my child have your surname?

John: We got married.

Maria: Married? And you didn’t tell me?

John: It is between me and Desiree.

Mrs Sodi: You will never be part of my family.

Maria: Why do you hate us this much?

Mr Sodi: Nice argument here!

Mrs Sodi: He married my daughter illegally.

Mr Sodi: It is not illegal, I was there. I was their witness.

Maria: And who was there from the Peta’s side?

John: Kgashane.

Maria: Peta Kgashane? The author you told me about?

John: Yes.

Mrs Sodi: Wait…! You planned it?

Maria: We’ve got to go, John. I can’t take this anymore.

John: I want to see Desiree at the hospital

Mr Sodi: Not now, son.

Maria: Yeah, I’ve got to talk to him first.

(Mrs Peta and John went straight home. John found out more about his father and siblings.)

Maria: How do you know Kgashane?

John: He is the author I told you about.

Maria: (angry and shouting) Just that?

John: Yes, mom. Or do you know more?

Maria: He is your brother.

John: Brother? How is that possible? Just because he is one of the Peta’s doesn’t make him my brother.

Maria: He is your father’s son. His mom died and the family refused your father rights to have the baby but he took your father’s surname.

John: How do you know?

Maria: Your father told me a year before he passed away. Kgashane’s mother was Sosha. He is well-known as a “Sad-Writer”. His stories are sad. That’s how it feels to grow up without parents. He puts all of his anger into his writing.

John: And you didn’t bother to adopt him?

Maria: We were not allowed to get near him. We would have been prosecuted if we had tried.

John: Mom, I’ve got school work to focus on now.

(John graduated while Desiree was still in the coma. She was unconscious for more than five months and John took his baby from Desiree’s family. He was employed in one of the big companies and hired a private nurse for Desiree. Maria moved in to help when she could.)

Maria: Son, you need my help too.

John: What about your work mom?

Maria: Here is your father’s Will.

John: What is there to find?

Maria: There is lot to find.

John: What? He owned shares in this company? And he left them to me and my sister?

Maria: Yes, son.

John: I have to send Desiree overseas. She will get proper help there.

[The following day it was the power couple’s firstborn’s birthday. Desiree woke up but she was so weak. The first thing she saw was her son. Mrs & Mr Sodi were invited to see their daughter but Mrs Sodi didn’t show up when her daughter needed her most. Mr Sodi came and he was nice to them. Lizzy picked a weird tension between her mom and Mr Sodi and she suspected that they might be having an affair. Mrs Sodi came alone the following day and she accepted the new family.]

[Things were hard for Lizzy as it was her first time at varsity. Kgashane was no more part of the equation. John gave him 10% of his share of the company and asked himself: Will this peace last forever? Life goes on…


: Don’t you think it’s sad that one woman’s need for vengeance can cause so much trouble?