[Everyone is coming back from the December holidays. At Caley Junior Secondary School in Butterworth, where Amanda is now a 15year old girl doing Grade 8, she’s very nervous on her first day of school. During assembly, her friends, Tracey and Ayabonga, get assigned to a different class and she is on her own. She swaps class with one girl and gets to be in the same class as her friends.]

[It’s during break time and Amanda is standing in the tuck shop line when she sees this cute light skinned guy. Amanda is dating Banele, he too is doing Grade 9. Days went by and Amanda was thinking of the guy she saw when she was standing in the line. She decides to call her boyfriend.]

Amanda: Hey baby, can you please meet me by the shop? I want speak with you.

Banele: OK sweety, I’m on my way. Give me five minutes.

Amanda: OK. I’ll be waiting love, make sure you hurry up.

(Banele doesn’t live far from Amandas home. Amanda waited impatiently next to the shop until she felt someone tapping her on the shoulder. She was startled to see Banele.
Amanda: Hey where did you come from?

Banele: I was at practise, that’s why I came behind you. So what do want to speak with me about?

Amanda: Nothing. I just missed you.

Banele: I missed you too. Do you want to take a walk?

Amanda: OK, but I can’t stay long.

(They took a walk then Amanda went back home. Next day Amanda went to school and she saw him again and she asked her friend Tracey about him.]

Amanda: Who is that guy dating?

Tracey: Which guy?

Amanda: That one standing over there, that yellow bone with pink lips.

Tracey: I heard that he’s dating Luxolo. But not for long; he’s mine. Why are you asking me this, do you want him?

Amanda: No I was just asking doll. Remember I have my own boyfriend whom I love very much.

Tracey: Mmh if you say so. Amanda let’s make a bet.

Amanda: OK, I’m listening.

Tracey: OK here it goes; if I get that guy first then you will have to give me R100. But if you get him first I’ll give you the money, so what do you say?

Amanda: Sounds tempting. But I have a boyfriend so I can’t take this bet.

Tracey: Afraid you’ll lose the bet? We both know he’ll go for me not you.

Amanda: OK, game on sister. I’m telling you he’s mine.

Tracey: No ways, he’s mine

[After two weeks Amanda started to think about the perfect stranger.
One day after school Amanda was going home when she saw Sphamandla, her friend.]

Sphamandla: Hey Amanda how are you?

Amanda: I’m fine thanks and you?

Sphamandla: Can’t complain. I’m going home, can you please accompany me? We will do homework together then you’ll go home.

Amanda: OK, but I can’t stay long, I have to go see my boyfriend.

[As they were walking, Amanda noticed that someone was walking behind them. It was that new good looking boy from school.]
Amanda: Hey do you see that guy walking behind us?

Spha: Yeah sure I see him. Do you like him?

Amanda: Yes, but I don’t think I’m his type. I hear that he has a girlfriend.

(Sphamandla glanced back at the guy walking behind them. He was texting on his phone and Spha greeted him.)

Spha: Hey bro?

Guy: Are you talking to me?

Spha: Hey, my name is Sphamandla. And I think this girl has something to say to you.

Amanda: Haibo! Sphamandla! I didn’t say I wanted to tell him anything (blushing). Sorry you can go.

Spha: Well if she doesn’t wanna tell you, I might as well tell you what she said. She said that you are really hot and she likes you. She would like to be your girlfriend.

(The guy smiled and blushed.)
Guy: OK, my name is Sindile. And I live in Zithulele can you please give me your Mxit contacts?

(Amanda gave him her Mxit contacts and walked to Spha’s house. And they did their homework at Spha’s. When she got home she logged in on her Mxit and saw that she had an invite from Sindile. She accepted him and he was online. So they hit of immediately and were getting along very well.)

(Days went by and Amanda was always with the new guy. One day after school and Banele was starting to get suspicious. He called Amanda and she answered the phone…
Amanda: Hey baby, what’s up?

Banele: Hey can you please log in on Mxit if you are not busy.

Amanda: Ok love.

(She knew something was wrong and she was worried. She logged on to Mxit and they started chatting.)

Amand: Hey love why so serious?

Banele: Elo, can I ask you something? Please be honest coz I already know, I just wanna know what u have to say for ur self.

Amanda: Go ahead and ask.

Banele: Are you dating Sindile?

Amanda: Yes sorry bby i was gonna tell u!

Banele: It’s over Amanda!

(Banele immediately deleted her on his Mxit.)

[Amanda was happy because she didn’t want to hurt his feelings. She continued dating Sindile. When he went to high school she followed him and they were in love. They got married when they were 27 and they lived happily ever after.]