(Two love birds are sitting in bed in their pyjamas)

Daniel: Sweetheart I’m enjoying your fresh smell. (smiling)

Precious: Wow, baby I bless the day that I met you, you are the best. (she laughs)

Daniel: (kissing her forehead) I love the fact that you are mine and mine forever.

Precious: (busy typing on whatsapp, `room no. 55 second floor tomorrow afternoon, goodbye, love you) Hmm?

Daniel: I love your smile babe, what is the time now?

Precious: (smiling at her phone) Ok.

Daniel: (he grabs Precious’ phone) What the hell is this?

Precious: (afraid) No… No. Nothing, babe.

Daniel: (shouting) Shut up, don’t baby me! (he reads the messages)

Precious: (Kneeling down, crying) Babe, I’m sorry!

(Daniel assaults and insults her)

(Precious grabs a knife and stabs Daniel on his chest, and immediately he falls down)

Precious: Oh, what have I done now? Daniel! Daniel wake up, stay with me! (she pick up a phone and call Kennedy)


(After three minutes Kennedy is knocking on the door)

Precious: (wiping her tears) who are you?

Kennedy: Baby it’s me Kennedy

Precious: come in hurry up

Kennedy: (getting inside) What the hell is going on here? I’m leaving this place now!

Precious: (holding a knife) No one is leaving the room, okay? Look you need to help me to get rid of the body!

Kennedy: (listening to his pulse) No, he is still breathing.

Precious: I don’t care stay here, I’m coming! (she locks them inside)

(She comes back with a big black empty fist bin)

Precious: Sweetheart, I’m back now, take this knife and finish him off so that we will put him in the bin and burn him it outside.

Kennedy: (scared) I’m not a murderer, Precious!

Precious: (angry)Do it or die!

Kennedy: (crying) Okay, I will do it…

Precious: (clicks her tongue) Idiot!


(Kennedy picks up the knife but Daniel wakes up) Precious look! (he shouts)

(Daniel grabs the knife from Kennedy’s hand and forces Precious to stab Kennedy)

Daniel Kill your stupid boyfriend now!

Kennedy: (shouting) Oh! No don’t do this to me!

Precious: I’m sorry (she stabs him) Rest in peace my love.

Daniel: I fed you, and clothed you! This is the end of you baby girl!

Precious: (crying) Look baby, I’m five months pregnant and you’re the father!

Daniel: (surprised) What? (He assaults her once more) You stupid girl, I clothed you dammit!

Precious: (screaming) I’m losing the baby, look at the blood.

Daniel: (scared) What have I done? It’s better I take own life! (he stabs himself)

(Precious feels cramps and sleep in the pool of blood next to Daniel and Kennedy’s bodies) May your souls rest in peace!


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