(Shadows are fading in and out in Hillbrow on top of S’khile’s rooftop. S’khile and Reaper are looking at the beautiful orange sunrise. S’khile is wearing a black stylish dress; Reaper is putting on a white T-shirt and jeans.)

S’khile: That’s pure beauty.

Reaper: (Smiling in agreement) It is.

S’khile: (Showing a sexy evil smile) Too bad humans will miss such priceless beauty.

She looks Reaper in the eyes.

S’khile: Is the witch ready with the spell?

Reaper: She’s still working on it, she needs more time.

She lays a hand on Reaper’s shoulder.

S’khile: Time is forever plenty but our mortal selves are not. What you and your witch play thing seem not understand is that I need to find the child before my enemies do.

Reaper: She’s doing her best.

S’khile turns to face the sunrise and cups her hands on her back.

S’khile: Tell her that I am also doing my best to my hand from feeding her death.

Reaper: (shows a slight expression of shock.)

S’khile:(Still facing the sunrise) I need to find that child…it is time for the Nzawu to rise and rule over these pathetic humans.

(It’s morning Hillbrow at Obani’s bedroom. Obani is lying in his bed talking to Kati who is eating from his bowl. He is wearing hip-hop style old school pjs)

Kati: One thing that’s fun about being a cat is that you can eat breakfast without doing any morning chaos.

Obani: Suka uhlulwa ngamagundwane eAlex.

Kati: Yho baba those rats are on steroids. Heyi last time ngise Alex ngilambile ngazama ukubamba igundwane lavele langigiqa phansi ngechoke-slam.

(They both laugh.)

Obani: Wonder why ubuquga emalangeni.

(They both laugh. Obani’s phone vibrates he takes it. Reads the message and throws his phone on the bed, his expression becomes serious and shocked at the same time.)

Kati: Yini bakudampile?

Obani: UNtomb…u…

Kati: Kutshelile..wakhe wabona ngaphi iNzawu ejola nomuntu..oscru, scru sebekushaye ngestina sengoma?

Obani: No, uthi umithi.

Kati: Ini?

(Kati jumps and turns into a human covered with brown cat fur, his tail slowly wagging. He holds Obani’s shoulders as though he was rebuking his child.)

Kati: Ithi uyadlala mfethu? She can’t be. Ngeke, akazekwenzeka and kefe futhi.

Obani: Ebelitshitshi…

(Kati slaps him. Obani is too shocked to respond to pain.)

Kati: What happened to condoms huh?

(He slaps him again. But Obani is lost in shock to respond to pain.)

Obani: Bengi…Bengi…cabanga ukuthi Inzawu ayiukwazi ukumithisa umuntu.

(Kati taps his forehead.)

Kati: Even though it doesn’t give the right to have unprotected sex…what if you get Aids?

Obani: We don’t get sick.

(Kati pulls Obani close to him nose to nose.)

Kati: (Speaking in an angry voice) My point is that you just impregnated a human being. Now a great evil will come. You have just put all of us in danger. S’khile and many more will come; even the Devil will come for the child.

(He releases Obani and exhales hard.)

Kati: I pray humans don’t find out what the blood of the child could do.


Tell us: What do you think Inzawu is and what possible danger could it be to humans?