John: Someone help me please!

(He had rushed back to Abram’s room to see the blood and to find his lover and friend on the floor. No one had been willing to come out of their rooms.)

Security: You have to come with us. An ambulance is on the way.

John: No, I can’t leave my wife here to die!

Security: You are involving yourself in police matters, young man.

John: By doing what? I called an ambulance ten minutes ago and it is not here yet. And where were you guys all along?

Security: Where were you?

John: You are hopeless!

Security: (gave John one hot klap) Don’t disrespect me like this!

Medics: Where are our victims?

Security: In room seven. Follow me…

Medics: This lady lost a lot of blood, she can’t make it alone. Let’s help her first…

(A few minutes later, the ambulance sped off to the hospital. They were all saved but Desiree was at high risk. John was refused permission to go with them by the security.)

Security: The police will be here soon. They’ll need your statement.

John: They can do that tomorrow. I need to inform their parents as soon as possible.

Security: No boy. You have to sit here or we will cuff you until the police arrive.

(The police came. They were drunk. Security handed John to the police as the number one suspect.)

Policeman: You are under arrest for attempted murder and having an unlicensed firearm.

John: What? You can’t do that!

Policeman: You have the right to remain silent and anything you say will be used against you in a Court of Law.

John: Can I call my mom?

Policeman: We don’t have time for your nonsense.

(They are at the holding cells.)

Policeman: Where did you hide your gun?

John: I don’t have a gun.

Policeman: We are going to beat you up until you tell us the truth.

John: Are you aware that I am a law student? I know my rights. You can’t punish me like that. Investigate this case.

Policeman: Let’s take your statement, shall we?

John: No, I want my lawyer.

Policeman: What are you hiding?

John: Nothing. I just want to sue you guys at the end.

(Police informed both the Sodi and Modiba families about their children having been shot at varsity that night. John was the only suspect that the police had.)

Mrs Sodi: Nurse, why is my child’s surname Peta?

Nurse: It is how it is written on her ID-book.

Mrs Sodi: Can I see it please?

Nurse: It is against our hospital policy, mam.

Mrs Sodi: Oh.

(Mr and Mrs Modiba also visited their boy.)

Mr Modiba: That boy couldn’t have shot our son.

Mrs Modiba: Stop defending him.

Mr Modiba: I want to hear his side of the story. He has a child with the lady he is accused of shooting and he is the one who called the ambulance.

Nurse: Mr and Mrs Modiba, visiting time is over now. Can you come again later please?

(Mrs Peta was ashamed to face her son in prison, but she had no doubt that he was innocent.)

Maria: John, my son.

John: Ma.

Maria: Your bail hearing is today. I hope you are ready?

John: I just want to be me. Free from these cells.

Maria: You look worried.

John: I once read a book titled “Book of Hate: The love of hating” written by Peta Kgashane.

Maria: What is important about it?

John: A boy died in prison after he was trapped for something he didn’t do.

Maria: That is not happening to you my boy! You will win this thing!

John: I hope Desiree and Abram get healed.

(In the courtroom, the judge was in a good mood and gave John bail. The Sodi family were so angry.)

Mrs Sodi: Why do you want my child dead?

John: I didn’t do it.

Mr Modiba: Can you give valid proof?

Maria: All of you think my son wanted to kill your kids. I thought you knew us better.

Mr Modiba: We know he is a good friend. And kind too.

Mrs Modiba: He needs to help the police to find those thugs.

John: They should wake up soon. Maybe they can tell us something to help the police.

Mrs Sodi: You should stay away from my child and grandchild.

John: He is my son and I can’t leave Desiree like that. I lov…

Mrs Sodi: Shut up! What do you know about love? Huh?

John: I’m sorry. I’ve got to go.

Maria: Let’s go.


: Why do you think Mrs. Sodi is so anti-John? What does she have against him?