[Thabo and Marth get divorced. And Thabo moves out.]

Marth: I got a new job and a new boyfriend.

Thabo: Are you for real?

Marth: Yes, and I am moving out.

Thabo: No, I will move out.

Marth: I’m sick of you. You are always paying things for those things.

Thabo: They are my children, accept it.

Zero: I don’t want any man here.

Thabo: Tell that to your mother.

Marth: Don’t say a thing here.

Thabo: I will start packing now.

[Thabo goes home and finds his mother with his children.]

Lizzy: Ma, how are you?

Sharon: I’m glad to see you.

Lizzy: It has been a long time.

Sharon: Time is always a matter nowadays.

Thandi: Sometimes (smiles).

Thabo: Anybody here?

Sharon: Come in son.

Thabo: My children.

Lizzy: Father.

Thandi: How can you say that?

Thabo: I’m sorry Thandi.

Thandi: You hate us, what did we do to you?

Thabo: I do not hate you.

Lizzy: He didn’t leave us. He was forced to.

Thandi: Can you prove it?

Thabo: Yes, I will give you police files.

Thandi: Do you love us?

Thabo: I love you. I did not hate you.

Lizzy and Thandi: We love you too. We are family now.

The End


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