[Lizzy fell sick and she was admitted at local hospital.]

Thandi: Thelma, Thelma I need your help.

Thelma: What is it?

Thandi: My sister is sick. We need to get her to hospital.

Thelma: Let me call my mother, she will help.

Thandi: Harry up please. She is all I have.

Lizzy: Thelma take care of my sister for a while please.

Thelma: Yes, we will.

Maria: Lizzy the car is outside let’s go now.

[Lizzy’s medical expenses were high. She didn’t have medical aid.]

Dr: Sorry Lizzy, you got to pay your bills before we help you.

Lizzy: I got some thousands of rands in my savings account.

Dr: Your bills are at R3000.

Lizzy: I got R1500 now. How can it be so high?

Dr: Your mother’s bills were not paid.

Maria: Calm down Lizzy we will see what we can do.

Lizzy: Thank you Mrs. Maria.

[Maria is at the bank and meets Lizzy’s father on the way to deposit some money.]

Thabo: Hi, Maria.

Maria: Hey, Thabo.

Thabo: It seems like you are not good.

Maria: Yes, one of those children you left behind is sick.

Thabo: Where are they?

Maria: Lizzy is at hospital and Thandi at home.

Thabo: Please take me to them.

Maria: I am not sure if they want to see you.

Thabo: Please.

[Back at the hospital, Thabo pays off the medical bills.]

Thabo: How much must I pay for my child’s bill?

Dr: Here are the papers.

Thabo: Ok, here is the money all of it.

Maria: Your father is here.

Lizzy: What does he want, he hates us?

Maria: He paid your bills.

Lizzy: I don’t need him.

Maria: Tell him that.

Thabo: How are you?

Lizzy: Why did you leave us?

Thabo: It is a long story.

Lizzy: I’ve got nowhere to go.

Maria: Let me give you space.

Thabo: I was not in good terms with your mother’s family.

Lizzy: Then what?

Thabo: I wanted to take you along but I was refused to.

Lizzy: Why didn’t you visit us?

Thabo: I got a letter that banned me near you.

Lizzy: From whom?

Thabo: I also have charges for kidnapping you and your sister.

Lizzy: How did it happen?

Thabo: I wanted to take you with me to the city. Then police were informed that I kidnapped you.


Tell us: Will Lizzy forgive her father?