Elihle is in a new city and things are scary. She meets a knight in shinning armour and her life changes. But is it for the better or worse?

Cast of characters

Narrator: The person who is telling the story
Elihle: A young girl from Ladysmith
Njabulo: Elihle’s boyfriend

The buildings are very tall for Elihle as it’s her first time in Johannesburg. She is from Ladysmith in KwaZulu Natal and is very scared, she can’t even fake a smile.

Njabulo: Ride on girl, I’ll take you wherever you’re going.

Elihle is very shocked by this invitation, she didn’t see the car coming behind her.

Elihle: No, I’m fine, thank you.

Njabulo: Your loss.

Njabulo drives away, living Elihle behind.

Elihle: Where will I start looking for a job in this big city?

Narrator: Elihle started moving, not far from the point where she was standing. She sees a very suspicious guy coming from the opposite direction and she gets scared. But she has nothing to do and nowhere to hide, so she continued walking. Suddenly, she feels a very hard grab from behind.

Elihle: Wenzani wena! Ng’yekele! (What are you doing? Leave me alone)

Narrator: In a blink of an eye, all her bags are gone. Oh poor Elihle! She sits down crying. People are just passing and not bothered by this crying girl. It’s night time and Elihle has nowhere to sleep, a car stops next to her and the front window is lowered.

Njabulo: Are you still fine?

Elihle doesn’t reply.

Njabulo: Come on, I won’t hurt you. Please let me take you home.

Narrator: He insists until Elihle agreed.

Elihle has been living with Njabulo for about 2 years now and they are a power couple.

Elihle: S’thandwa sami, I have good news for you.

Njabulo: I’m listening.

Elihle: I’m pregnant.

She’s excited and also a bit nervous.

Njabulo: (shocked) What? You’re what?

Narrator: Elihle is surprised by Njabulo’s reaction. She expected him to be happy.

Elihle: (Calmly) I said I’m pregnant.

Narrator: Njabulo stares at Elihle with a look of hatred. He spits next to her.

Njabulo: You can’t be serious.

Elihle: Well, I am.

Narrator: Njabulo punches Elihle in the face and she falls on the floor. He stands up and starts kicking her all over her body. Blood is all over. Elihle is screaming but her voice lowers when she feels something warm flowing from her legs.

Elihle: You bastard! You killed my child.

Njabulo: So you’re blaming me for your carelessness? You should’ve protected your child.

Elihle: My child? This is our child.

Njabulo sits quietly next to Elihle. She is in tears.

Njabulo: I’m sorry love, it wasn’t my intention.

Elihle: (yelling) I don’t care about your stupid intentions, I want my baby.

Narrator: She takes her cell phone and calls the ambulance. Within 20 minutes she is rushed to hospital.

In the hospital, Njabulo is starring at Elihle. She is laying on the bed with her eyes closed, sleeping.

Njabulo: I’m sorry my love for what I’ve put you through.

Elihle: Take your sorry back to yourself, I don’t need it.

Njabulo: I’m serious. I’m really sorry.

Elihle: I said take your sorry and close that door behind you.

Narrator: Elihle looks away as Njabulo walks towards the door.

Elihle: Don’t call me ever again.

Njabulo: You can’t do that to me, I still love you.

Elihle: Love is never meant to be hurtful. It is never meant to make us lose hope, Njabulo. You took the best part of me and I think this is the end of our road. I don’t want to see you again.

Narrator: Njabulo bangs the door as he leaves. Elihle lived a happy life without Njabulo and fulfilled her dreams without Njabulo.


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