“Jessica so it was you all along,” said Lynda in shock as Jessica stood above her pointing a gun at her. Lynda was ordered by Jessica to merely sit and make no sudden movement.

“Well ‘mom’ I guess you’re the last person to know my secret,” eleven-year-old Jessica stated. With her two ponytails, dimples on cheeks, a flower printed dress, and an innocent face. This disguise masked the true monster little Jessica truly was.

“So, I guess Jake didn’t die from mistakenly eating poisonous mushrooms?” Jessica asked as tears filled her eyes when she thought about her son who died two years ago. “Exactly Lynda! Now, I guess you’re going to make another guess,” Jessica said with a cynical smile on her face.

“Elizabeth didn’t die from an accidental electrocution caused by an exposed electrical cord?” Lynda asked in tears.

“Guilty for both you children’s deaths, but there’s more,” said Jessica. She felt complete satisfaction at seeing Lynda in complete despair. “Go on!” she screamed while pressing the gun against Lynda’s head showing that she was sweet but could turn into a monster at any time.

Lynda was refusing to play along with Jessica’s game of confession, but keeping quiet would mean certain death.

“My mother didn’t die from the supposed assumption of natural causes instead you suffocated her,” Lynda, who clearly could take no more continued. Finding out that Jessica was responsible for each and every family members of hers’ death, pushed her to her breaking point.

“Exactly! Woman you’re smart for your old self, but there are just a few more people you forgot to mention,” Jessica said. She wanted to scare Lynda by letting her know that her killing spree was riddled with body after body.

“I predict that my goldfish didn’t die by getting eaten by a cat nor did Toby die from ingesting chocolate,” Lydia said boldly.

“That’s right both of your children, mother, your goldfish and your stupid dog, I killed them all,” Jessica boasted while laughing.

“You are a true monster,” said Lynda in furious tone as she gazed lifelessly into Jessica’s eyes, for her spirit was crushed beyond any hope of remedy.

“Indeed I am, my sweet angel, acting will always fool everyone after all I’m only 11-years-old and an unlikely suspect,” Jessica said performing the innocent demeanour that had fooled everyone but Lynda.

“Why?” Was the impending question Lynda asked.

“Why, really you dare ask me why!” Jessica screamed and shoved the gun into Lynda’s mouth. “I should blow your brains out,” she said panting from her fury.

Jessica’s eyes were bulging open and her face was red from anger, Lynda was certain Jessica would do what she threatened to.

“However, if you must know why, it’s simple – because you came between me and my dad,” Jessica said plainly but noticed that Lynda was unimpressed by her reason for killing everyone in her life.

“So jealousy was your reason?” Lynda asked.

“It doesn’t matter, daddy was supposed to love me after my mother died,” said an emotional Jessica.

Lynda laughed because she found Jessica’s motives for all that did nothing short of comical.

“You’re so immature,” Lynda said in an undermining tone that seemed to anger Jessica and prompted her to pull the trigger. “Jessica enough!” exclaimed her father, who was standing behind the door of the room to which Jessica and Lynda were in. “I heard everything
Jessica,” he continued with a lot of emotion in his voice.

“You were supposed to be out of town,” Jessica said aloud. She was starting to panic because things weren’t going according to how she hoped they would. Her intention was to kill Lynda and make it seem as though someone broke into their home and killed her.

“Sweetie the necklace I bought you had a mic in it that looked like a diamond. Lynda told me that she suspected you of knowing what was going on. At first, I didn’t believe her until everything began falling into place,” He said, explaining why he came back home.

“Damn this slu…” Jessica said aiming the gun fire-ready at Lynda but was cut short by the sound of a gunshot which wasn’t her.

Banging the door open Jessica’s father merely froze as he saw in horror the body of his daughter on the ground.

“James…” Lynda said to her husband who was on his knees next to the body of his daughter.

James howled and cried in horror of what he had done. He killed his little princess.


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