[Busi had prepared a huge meal for Siya’s arrival from Southern Cliff. It was the weekend before the wedding and Siya was given leave. Busi was waiting anxiously; eventually there was a knock on the door.]

Busi: Open up Siya, it’s not locked.

[Siya walked in. They kissed and hugged sat down at the table.]

[In the morning Siya and Busi went to town. There were a few things to organise before the wedding. They decided to eat at a restaurant to celebrate their last date. Busi picked the place.]

Siya: What do you like about this restaurant?

Busi: Well for one it’s exclusive. The food and wine alone tells you that certain types of customers are welcomed here.

Siya: Well, I feel threatened already.

[They both laughed.]

Siya: I’m getting another round of drinks what can I get you?

Busi: I’ll have red, dry wine please.

[Siya winked at Busi as he went to get the drinks.]

Busi: I can’t believe in a few days’ time I’ll be called Mrs Xaba.

Siya: You better believe it. I can’t wait to make you Mrs Xaba.

Busi: (smiling) I also can’t wait to be Mrs Xaba.

Busi: This is my last date as Miss Nene.

Siya: Exactly.

Busi: I would love tha…

[Interrupted by her phone ringing. She picked it and had a brief conversation.]

Siya: Who was that?

Busi: It was the detective who is dealing with Sipho’s case.

Siya: What did he want?

Busi: He said tomorrow the judge will be delivering the final verdict.

[In the morning both Siya and Busi went to court.]

Busi: I’m not sure, if I want to do this.

Siya: Relax everything is gonna turn out just fine, today finally justice will prevail.

Busi: I hope so.

[After hours of nerve wrecking waiting the judge finally delivered the final verdict. Sipho was found guilty for murder and he was sentenced to life imprisonment.]

Mr. Nkambule: I’m so happy today because finally justice prevailed.

Busi: The feeling is mutual Mr. Nkambule. We don’t need people like Sipho in our community.

Siya: This calls for a celebration.

[They all went out to celebrate.]