[Hundreds watched as a doctor married an ordinary taxi driver. There was much excitement from the groom and bride’s family including the 3rd Ave residents. Everyone gathered in the community hall was silent as they listened to Busi and Siya exchanging their wedding vows.]

Siya: I, Siyabonga Xaba, take you, beautiful Busisiwe Nene as my wife. I vow that I will love and protect you. I will cherish and adore you. I will comfort and provide for you. I will always listen to you as my partner, friend and soul mate, for the rest of our lives together. This ring is a symbol of my everlasting love to you. I love you.

[Siya put the white gold ring on Busi’s finger. Busi was crying from such beautiful words.]

Pastor: Busi, please exchange your vows to Siya.

[Busi was shaking and crying tears of joy. She’s never heard Siya speak so beautifully before.]

Busi: I, Busisiwe Nene, take you, Siyabonga Xaba as my loving husband. I vow that I will love and honour you. I will respect and nurture you. I will listen to you as my husband and my partner. Our family will be filled with love and happiness for the rest of our lives together. This ring is a symbol of my everlasting devotion to you. I love you.

[Busi put the silver band on Siya’s trembling finger.]

Pastor: I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.

[Siya, being shy, gave Busi a quick peck on the lips. The crowd cheered and sang traditional songs. The bride and groom walked down the aisle as Mr and Mrs Xaba. Then it was time for speeches.]

Mr Nene: I am happy that my daughter has found happiness. I don’t feel like I’m losing a daughter but I feel I have gained a son. My one and only child is all grown up and now I must let her go.

[Then he turned to Siya with a serious look.]

Mr Nene: Siya, take care of my child. She may be your wife but always rember; she’ll always be my little girl. If you ever make her cry, you’ll have me to deal with. May you two be happy and give me some grandchildren.

[Everyone clapped and they drank to a toast. Siya was surprised to hear those words from Mr Nene. He never thought he would ever be accepted by him. Now everyone was happy, they ate, drank and danced. Siya and Busi started their first dance of many to come.]