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To be honest he makes amazing stories 3rd avenue,I love it ❤️❤️❤️
Sizakele Hlapane · a year ago
Mfundo Ntoni I also like Themba (A boy called hope) becoz he made his sister ran when uncle Luthando wanted to rape her but I don't know the whole novel where can I get it here on FunDza 🤔
AmandaBaduza · 3 years ago
👏👏👏Ur such an good writer ...you inspire others to write also ...Thank you for Preachers son
Matthew Ortell M.K.O · 3 years ago
Yuhhh ❤️ur great ey thanks for writing the preacher's son
Mandlenkosi · 4 years ago
Thank you so much for writing preachers son bit was a very good book and since I am bisexual I could strongly connect to it your an amazing writer 💗💜💙
DeathAvoCat · 4 years ago
You changed my life.. "preachers son" made me accept im gay and im so happy ..thank you
daboylucian6 · 5 years ago
Unebhongo neqhayiya ngesi Xhosa sakho kwedini. Yanga unga qhubeka usebenzise usiba lwakho. Kamnandi Skhomo.
Yonela N · 8 years ago
What yor dream about on ths world
nosipho · 10 years ago
Let me say ths to u mfundo u are about to reach ur destyn so go over it
nosipho · 10 years ago
Hy mfundo may u plz write it in english
nosipho · 10 years ago
Eversmal · 11 years ago
Ur so mwa
Untouchable+gal · 11 years ago