[Siya did as Busi suggested and looked for a job. He had no qualification, the only thing he had was a drivers license, so he wrote a job application letter to Singleton Bus Company.]

Busi: Love, have you thought about what we discussed?

Siya: Yes, I did. I’ve sent my job application letter to Singleton Bus Company. Now I’m waiting for them to get back at me.

Busi: Let’s hope you get the job.

[A few days later a letter was delivered at Siya’s apartment. He had not opened it. But he couldn’t ignore it anymore. Siya opened the envelope slowly and unfolded the letter. He read the words preparing himself for the worst but he was pleasantly surprised.]

Busi: What does it say?

Siya: I got the job I applied for.

Busi: Wow – that’s good news (happy) congrats! But you don’t seem happy at all.

[Siya was offered a post on the outskirts of Southern Cliff. It meant if he took this job he would have to move closer to work and that wouldn’t be good for the relationship as it was on the other side of town and would be a much longer drive, so he wouldn’t be able to see her often.]

Siya: That’s because the job is out of town.

Busi: Out of town?

Siya: Yes, I got a post at Southern Cliff. That means I have to move close to work.

[There was a long pause. The silence between them grew and grew punctuated only by the sound of a taxi that was going by outside. Suddenly Siya’s phone rang. He picked his phone up. It was the Bus company. Busi’s heart nearly jumped out of her.]

Siya: That was the Bus company they want me to start next week on Monday.

Busi: What about us, think about our relationship.

Siya: I thought this is what you wanted. I have to do this, Busi, this might be the only chance.

[Busi was at a loss for words.]

[The following day Siya made an appointment to meet up with the manager of the bus company at Singleton offices in 3rd avenue. He was told again he got the job. Then the manager gave him some information.]

Manager: Your shift starts at 7am. You need to be here at 6am and you can leave when you have finished the trips your supervisor has given you. Just a word of advice: the supervisor has very high standards and has been known to reduce his staff so you’d better be tough enough for the job.

[With that the manager handed Siya his uniform.]

Siya: What’s this?

Manager: This is the uniform you will be wearing.

Siya: I certainly shall not.

Manager: Well, I suggest if you want the job you’ll wear the uniform. If not then there are plenty more people who want this job.

[Siya snatched the uniform.]

Siya: I’ll see you on Monday.

[Siya leaves. The manager sat back and smiled]

Manager: I can’t wait to watch the fireworks fly with this one.

[A few hours before Siya left for Southern Cliff he just walked over at Beauty hair salon to say goodbye to Busi and tell her he was heading to Southern Cliff. Busi saw Siya and gave him a big smile.]

Busi: Excuse me ladies, I just have to give my boyfriend a good-bye kiss.

[As she said her phone rang she looked at the screen: it was a withheld number.]

Busi: Hello, yes, this is Doctor Nene.

[Everyone was quiet, listening in to the conversation. She looked up at and whispered.]

Busi: It’s the hospital.

[She put her phone down.]

Busi: It’s the hospital, they need my help very urgently.

Siya: But you don’t work for the hospital.

Busi: Yes, but they really need my help and since you going to be away I decided to move back home with my parents until you come back.

[This news dampened the mood of the evening. Busi hated the thought of Siya being miserable, she loved him and didn’t want to see him depressed.]

Siya: Do you really have to move in with you parents, is it really necessary? That means when I come back it’s going to be back to square one.

Busi: What do you mean?

Siya: You know your parents treat like you a fifteen year old, they’ll have an opinion on everything you do, who you meet at what time.

Busi: I’m going to stay with them for few months until you come back.

Siya: Your parents make me feel like I’m in grade 5 again.

Busi: Ah, whatever.

[They both laughed naughtily.]

Siya: Look, it’s time for me to go now.

Busi: I guess this is it, promise you’ll call every day.

Siya: I promise.

[They hugged. A cab was waiting outside to take Siya to Southern Cliff.]

[Busi rushed straight to hospital then went home. Her Aunt Maria and her cousin were discussing where the wedding should be held and talking about the wedding invites, and what kind of bridal dress Busi should wear. Her cousin leafed through a magazine and found the right hair style for Busi and Aunt Maria found the perfect bridal jewellery. Busi’s mom was enjoying every moment of it, the noise was immense and Busi made her excuses to leave but no one noticed. She stood in the hallway listening to her family planning her wedding, the day that was meant to be the happiest of her life.]