[Sipho confessed because he knew if he did not the police would conduct a forensic investigation. That would mean that the weapon would need to be checked. This would show that the weapon had been used in other crimes. Sipho’s heart sank – he knew what other crimes his knife had been involved in and what other charges could be brought against him.]

[Sipho’s twin brother, Siphiwe, went to the police station to get some answers from Sipho. He is upset and confused and feels that Sipho has done a foolish thing by confessing.]

Siphiwe: We need to talk…

[Sipho nodded and turned to look out of the window.]

Siphiwe: What were you thinking? To just confess like that without a fight… what kind of man are you? Do you even know what you have gotten yourself into?

Sipho: If I had not confessed, the police would have conducted a forensic investigation and the weapon would have been checked. They would then have linked me to other crimes… can you imagine what charges could have been brought against me then? At least now that I’ve confessed I could try to get a lighter sentence…

[After a few seconds he whispered on his brother ear.]

Sipho: I had no choice.

[Sipho’s brother just stared out of the window and after a minute he spoke.]

Siphiwe: I understand. Do you need anything?

Sipho: No, I’m alright.

[The police officer tells Siphiwe his brother would remain in custody until at least the end of the week for his first court appearance.]

Police officer: He can call his lawyer and if he doesn’t have a lawyer the state will organise one for him.

[Later that day. There was much excitement in the Nene household. Busi’s cousins had come over with her aunt(Maria) and they were all chattering about the wedding with Busi’s mom.]

Mrs Nene: I just cant wait for the big day.

Maria: But you didn’t like Busi dating a taxi driver.

Mrs Nene: That was before I knew what kind of person he was. I thought Siya was taking advantage of my one and only and he was just after her money. But I later realised that he was a very good boy and he makes Busi very happy…

Maria: I heard the lobola negotiations went very well.

Mr Nene: Yes they went very well. You guys can start preparing for the big day.

Mrs Nene: I hope you did not charge the poor guy an amount he cannot afford.

Mr Nene: I made him a reasonable offer, he was willing to pay R30 000 but I declined: my final offer was R50 000.

Mrs Nene: (shocked) R50 000 but you know he can’t afford that kind of money. He is just a taxi driver for god’s sake.

Mr Nene: He should have thought of that the day he proposed to a doctor.

Mrs Nene: Are you still angry that Busi is going to be married to a taxi driver? Busi is the one who decided to marry with Siya so we must respect that.

Mr Nene: I guess you’re right… From now on I promise to take it easy on Siya.

[Mr Nene knows it isn’t good enough but it was all he could offer.]

Mrs Nene: It will take more than just “taking it easy on Siya” to earn our daughter’s trust back.

Mr Nene: I couldn’t help but to wonder if their relationship was a bad sign. Maybe their realationship wasn’t quite as bad as I had initially thought but now I can see how much they love each other.

[Busi was so happy when she realised her parents were now happy with her relationship with Siya.]

Busi: I think my parents are starting to accept our relationship.

Siya: Do you really think so, love?

Busi: Yes I do, love. You don’t seem happy to hear that…

Siya: It’s not that I’m not happy. I’m just struggling to get a buyer for my taxi.

Busi: Why do you want to sell your taxi?

Siya: To pay the lobola. That’s the only way I can afford R50 000.

[Siya started to look for a job. It was Busi who came up with the idea. She knew Siya had a driver’s license. She convinced Siya that it would be really beneficial in his new job if he could drive as he would take on more work, which meant more money.]