[While Siya and his uncles (delegation) are busy with the lobola negotiations, Mr Nkambule and Busi are busy organising the death certificate at the local department of home affairs. All that is missing is the cause of death section. The doctor had confirmed that Henry had died of heart failure, but Busi felt that she needed to write down exactly what happened at the time of Henry’s passing. All the people from 3rd Avenue and Sinako (Phase3) knew that he’d been stabbed by Sipho, but Busi needed the real details of how he died exposed. So on their way home from the home affairs they went to the police station to report what had happened.]

Mr Nkambule: Are you gonna be alright?

Busi: I’ll be fine, Bab’Nkambule. I just wish the police officer would hurry up and write the statement. I wanna get home, take a shower and sleep. That’s my plan for today.

[After a few minutes the police officer walks through the door. Busi sees him and raises her arm, indicating where they are seated]

Police officer: Afternoon, guys.

Busi: Afternoon, sir. My name is Busi Nene. I’m with Mr Nkambule. We’re here to report a case relating the young man that was killed in Sinako (Phase 3).

Police officer: Okay, what I need from you are the details of what had happened on that day. I need to know each and every single detail. Don’t hide or leave anything out.

[Busi tells the police officer everything that happened that night. she also tells the police who stabbed Henry.]

[At the Nene household, Siya and his uncles are busy with the lobola negotiations. Mr Nene dropped a bomb on them when he charged them R80 000 for the lobola.]

Siya: (shocked )But Mr Nene, you know I can’t afford that kind of money.

Mr Nene: That’s a reasonable price considering Busi’s education and upbringing.

Siya: R30 000 – thats the amount I’m willing to pay.

Mr Nene: R50 000 and that’s my final offer. Its either you take it or leave it.

[Siya’s jaw dropped. It is difficult for him to agree to pay such money for lobola but he eventually agreed to Mr Nene’s offer. His uncles are at a loss for words.]

[Back at the police station, the police officer has had Sipho brought in for interrogation and to give his side of the story.]

Police officer: Sipho we would like to hear your side of the story regarding Henry’s death.

[Sipho’s first instinct is to deny knowing anything about Henry’s death.]

Sipho: I don’t know anything regarding that incident.

Mr Nkambule: You’re such a liar.

Sipho: Mr Nkambule, do you know calling me a liar is defamatory.

Mr Nkambule: So sue me, I’ve got enough money to drag in and out of court for years.

Police officer: Guys, this not the time nor the place for cat fight. Now can I start asking you questions?

Sipho: Go ahead, officer.

[Mr Nkambule and Busi are visibly annoyed. But they give Sipho and the officer some space. Busi turns to Mr Nkambule – she had a frightened look on her face.]

Mr Nkambule: Don’t worry, my girl, everything is gonna be fine. Sipho will no longer be bothering us anymore.

Busi: I hope so

[After hours of denying and lying to the detective Sipho can’t handle the pressure any longer and confesses.]

Sipho: It’s true, officer. Everything that Busi and Mr Nkambule told you – its true.

[The detective immediately arrests Sipho. He is taken into custody to await his first court appearance.]