[Mr Nkambule was still shaken the next day. He didn’t have any meeting to attend to as he is a businessman and so had planned to meet Busi at the clinic. He needed to talk to someone about what happened between him and Sipho.]

Mr Nkambule: I’m so glad that you agreed to meet with me.

Busi: Bab’Nkambule, what is it that you wanted to share with me?

Mr Nkambule: It’s nothing serious.

Busi: But it sounded serious on the phone.

[Mr Nkambule told Busi everything that went down at Sipho’s house. Busi was very supportive and told him Sipho would calm down.]

Mr Nkambule: Thank you, my girl. I really needed someone to talk to. Thank you for your time.

Busi: That’s what family does, be there for each other in times of hardship. To me, Mr Nkambule, you’re like family.

Mr Nkambule: Anyway, let’s not talk about boring me! How are things between you and Siya?

Busi: Our relationship is going through a rough patch at the moment. But I know we’re going to get through it together because we always do.

[Siya on the other hand couldn’t shake the memory of what happened the night of the party. Now more than three weeks later it seems more real than ever.]

Busi: You seem tired and drained today what happened?

Siya: What happened the night of the party? I just cant get it out of my mind its unfair to go through this alone.

Busi: What do you mean by going through this alone? I’m always by your side.

Siya: Maybe being by my side is not enough. it seems like you no longer believe in us anymore.

Busi: (angry) What’s there to believe in? Show me something to believe in. How can I believe in us when I’m the only one who’s making sacrifices in this relationship? What’s there to believe in? Could you show me something to believe in?

[After what Busi said, Siya got on his knee and asked Busi to marry him (proposal).]

Siya: Busi, I know I have not been active or hands-on when it comes to our relationship and from now on I am going to take our relationship seriously.

[Tears immediately well up in Busi’s face.]

Siya: Busisiwe Nene, will you marry me?

Busi: (in shock) YES.

[She replies with a grin on her face.]

Siya: You know what?

Busi: You have just made me the happiest man on planet earth.

Busi: (Laughing Out Loud) I know the feeling.

[Siya and Busi are both happy but they are worried of how Busi’s family would react when they told them these news.]

Siya: I can’t help but wonder how your family is going to react when they hear that you’re engaged, especially your dad.

Busi: Let’s not talk about them because I don’t want anything to ruin this day for me.

Siya: But we have to face them sooner or later. They have to hear it from us.

[Busi goes home to her parents house to tell them the good news. Her father is not at home – he is away on a business trip so she tells her mom who said she was happy for her. Sipho on the other side called his uncles to start preparing for the Lobola negotiations.]