[Six months lates after Busi moved in with Siya,she got her first job as a standby doctor at a nearby clinic-She calls her mother to tell the good news]

Busi: Mom, I have some good news for you.

Mrs Nene: Good news? Don’t tell me you’re pregnant with that man’s child!

Busi: No, Ma, I’m not.

[Mr Nene heard Mrs Nene talking on the phone]

Mr Nene: Who’s pregnant?

Mrs Nene: I have to go we’ll talk later.

Busi: Okay Ma. Bye…

Mr Nene: I’ve asked a question and yet I have not been answered,I’ll ask again “WHO IS PREGNANT”?

Mrs Nene: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Mr Nene: I heard you on the phone. And please don’t lie to me.

Mrs Nene: I was talking with Busi she said she had some great news… and I thought she was pregnant.

Mr Nene: Let me guess who impregnated her – its that good for nothing taxi driver…

[On the other side Busi was celebrating her first job with her boyfriend and some close friends. One of these was Henry who made Siya feel uncomfortable]

Siya: Hey man, who are you?

Henry: I’m Henry, and you’re are?

Siya: Thats none of your business, I know what you’re trying to do and it’s not going to work.

Henry: What are you talking about?

Siya: Don’t act dumb with me you know exactly what I’m talking about. If driving a fancy car makes you think you can take my woman away from me, well, think again! That’s not gonna happen.

Henry: (shocked) What makes you think that I’m in love with Busi?

Siya: I saw the way you looked at her. Just stay away from her. She’s mine and mine only.

[Busi walked in to the living room where Siya and Henry were having their conversation]

Siya: This is not over…

Busi: What was that all about?

Henry: Siya thinks I have feelings for you.

Busi: What??

[Busi leaved Henry in the living room she went to the back yard where the party was taking place she then confronts Siya for attacking Henry for no reason]

Busi: How dare you go and attack my friend for no reason?

Siya: I can’t believe you’re falling for this guy.

Busi: How can you even say that after everything I’ve done and sacrificed for you! I even rejected my family just to be with you, and now you’re saying I’m not loyal.

Siya: I did not say that…

Busi: You did not have to… Let me tell you something: Henry is gay. He is not interested in woman so rest assured.

[Busi leaved Siya standing in shock]

Siya: Busi, where are you going?

Busi: I need some space.

[Siya was so disapointed in himself he decided to apologise to Henry for everything he has said]

Siya: Look, man, I’m sorry for everything for that I said to you. I’m really sorry. I don’t know what came over me. Please forgive me for accusing you for things that you have not done. I did not know that you were…

Henry: …Gay? It’s fine you can say it and I accept your apology.

[Some of the guys who were passing by insulted Henry because of his sexuality. One of those guys was Sipho.]

Sipho: Hey, lady man.

Henry: Excuse me?

Sipho: You’re excused because what you’re doing is immoral and ungodly. You’re a bad example to our children. People like you deserve to die.

Siya: Hey, man, that’s enough…

Henry: I did not choose to be gay I was born this way.

Sipho: God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve

[During the argument between Sipho and Henry Sipho took out a knife and he stabbed Henry, killing him.]