Policeman: Who could have done this thing? Does anyone know?

[The residents stare back in silence. Only when the policeman turns away does the murmuring begin.]

Siya: The policeman is not from our town otherwise he would have known better than to ask “why” he would have known better than to expect an answer.

Busi: Then why didn’t you them the truth, because you know who killed Henry.

Siya: I wanted to but I realised I would be digging my own grave.

Busi: What do you mean?

Siya: Sipho is a very dangerous – he is the gang leader they are better known as th!e danger zone”

Busi: Danger zone?

Siya: Danger zone is a group of thugs and drug lords, they’re the kind of guys you wouldn’t want to mess with.

Busi: I don’t care who he is or what he does I won’t let him get away with what he did to my friend.

Siya: Busi, you must stay away from that man – he is very dangerous. I wouldn’t like to lose you.

Busi: How can you be so selfish? All you think about is yourself! No matter how hard you try to convince me I won’t rest until that man has been put behind bars.

[Over a matter of weeks the death of Henry occupies the mind of Siya and Busi to the exclusion of almost everything else. They seem to be unaware that they, in turn, are being stalked by a gang leader who strikes without mercy or motive and who is beyond the arm of law.]

Sipho: Hey, Siya, you tell your girlfriend to stay away, or else!

Siya: Or else what?

Sipho: Are you trying to get clever with me? You know exactly what I’m capable of. I want you to tell your girlfriend to stop spreading lies and ruining my reputation or I’ll make both of your lives miserable.

Busi: Love, who were you talking to?

Siya: Sipho.

Busi: What did he want?

Siya: He was threatening me.

Busi: What did he say?

Siya: He said if you don’t stop spreading lies about him he will make both of our lives miserable.

[Weeks later after Henry’s funeral Busi went to tell Henry’s family exactly what happened that night at the party.]

Mr Nkambule: My girl, could you please tell me what really happen the night of the party?

Busi: (crying) Where do I start?

Mr Nkambule: Right from the beginning…

Busi: A drunken fight had broken out between Sipho and Henry. There was a crash and a breaking of beer bottles. The sound of angry voices raised… When I got out of the house Henry was already lying on the ground full of blood.

Mr Nkambule: (furious) So Sipho is the guy who killed my one and only son?

Busi: Yes.

Mr Nkambule: No one messes with my family and gets away with it. I will make sure that good-for-nothing scumbag pays for what he did to my son. Sipho will curse the day he messed with my family.

[Mr Nkambule gets into his car and drives straight to Sipho’s house.]

Mr Nkambule: (angry) How can you be so heartless?

Sipho: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Mr Nkambule: Trust me you will know soon enough.

Sipho: Look here, old man, don’t talk in riddles. Just get to the point. And who do you think you are to come and insult me in my own house?

Mr Nkambule: Trust me, my boy, you will know soon enough.

Sipho: Is that a threat?

Mr Nkambule: No, its not a threat it’s a promise.

[Mr Nkambule goes out of the house and leaves Sipho in an emotional state.]