[Busi has just recently graduated from University. Her degree was in Medicine, she is now a qualified doctor. All the 3rd Avenue residents are gathered at the Nene household to celebrate her success.]

Mr Nene: Congratulations my girl, you have made me the happiest man alive. Since you got your degree, what are your plans for the future?

Busi: I don’t want to waste anymore time – I just want to open my own surgery.

Mr Nene: You should also think of starting your own family. Your mother and I we are not getting any younger, we want want to see our grandchildren before we die. We also want to see your big day, to be precise: we want to be there when you get married.

Busi: Marriage, dad? We haven’t thought that far.

Mr Nene: What do you mean by “we”? Are you trying to tell me that there’s someone in your life? Who is he and what does he do for a living?

Busi: His name is Siyabonga he lives in Phase 3 and we’ve been together for two years now.

Mr Nene: Siyabonga… the taxi driver?

Busi: Yes, dad…

Mr Nene: What!!! I’m not going to to allow that to happen! My daughter will never marry a taxi driver. I’m not going to be made a laughing stock by the residents of 3rd Avenue. Out of all man why him? Why does my one and only girl want to marry a taxi driver? THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!

[Henry walks in to the dining room and interrupts the conversation.]

Henry: Did I come at a bad time? I can come back later if you’re busy.

Mr Nene: No, we’re done. I’ll leave you too to catch up.

[Mr Nene walks out of the room leaving Busi with Henry.]

Henry: What was that all about?

Busi: Trust me, my friend, you don’t want to know.

Henry: Try me!

Busi: I’ve just told my dad about my relationship with Siya and he doesn’t want anything to do with it. All because Siya is a taxi driver. He says he will never allow me to marry someone who is not educated.

Henry: But you two are madly in love…

Busi: Try telling that to my dad.

Henry: By the way, congratulations my friend! I did not congratulate you properly on your graduation.

Busi: Thanks, my friend. So whats been happening on your life?

Henry: Hey chomma, things are not so good.

Busi: What do you mean by that?

Henry: I’ve just told my family that I’m gay. Now they don’t want anything to do with me. I also refused to see a priest. My mom thinks being gay is a disease or a curse that you can heal by prayer!

Busi: I’m so sorry to hear that, my friend, but hang in there … everything is gonna be fine.

[A young boy named Yanga walks in to the Nene household with a paper bag in his hand.]

Mrs Nene: Afternoon, my boy. What brings you here?

Yanga: Afternoon to you too, ma’am. My name is Yanga – I live in Phase3.

Mrs Nene: What brings you here in 3rd Avenue?

Yanga: My uncle sent me here to hand this gift to auntie Busi.

Mrs Nene: Who’s your uncle?

Mrs Nene: Listen here, my boy, and listen very carefully: Take your paper and tell your uncle to stay away from my daughter. My daughter is way out of his league.

[Yanga did as instructed by Mrs Nene and went out of the house. He carried the paper bag, which had had a watch that Siya had bought Busi as a gift to congratulate her on her graduation.]

Busi: Who were you talking to?

Mrs Nene: Who was I talking to?

[Mrs Nene acts suprised.]

Busi: I thought I heard you talking with someone.

Henry: Maybe you heard wrong.

Mrs Nene: Henry is right, maybe you heard the radio.

Henry: (laughing) Seems like someone is getting old.

Busi: And that someone is not me!

[Mrs Nene and Henry both laugh at Busi.]

Henry: My friend, it’s getting late – I have to get going.

Busi: Okay, let me walk you out.

[Busi walks out with her friend Henry. On her way home Busi bumps into Yanga.]

Busi: Hey, Yanga

Yanga: Hello, Auntie Busi.

Busi: How are you today?

Yanga: I’m good and you?

Busi: I’m also great.

Yanga: Thank god, I ran in to you. Because I have something for you. Siya said I must give you this gift and apologise on his behalf for not making it at your graduation ceremony.

Busi: Thank you, Yanga!

[Busi rushes back home and picks up the phone to call Siya.]

Siya: Hello, beautiful, how are you today?

Busi: I’m good thanks and you?

Siya: I’m also great and I miss you dearly.

Busi: I miss you too, my love.

Siya: Oh no, duty calls. Look, love I’ve got to go we’ll chat again later.

Busi: Okay, later then bye..

[Mrs Nene walks in to Busi’s room, she finds Busi talking on her cellphone]

Mrs Nene: Who were you talking to?

Busi: I was talking with Siya.

Mrs Nene: I thought your dad told you not to talk to that boy again.

Busi: Why Ma? Because he is a taxi driver?

Mrs Nene: We only want what’s best for you, my girl. This Siya of yours doesn’t love you, he is just after your money.

Busi: So that’s what this is about, money isn’t it? I thought my happiness was more important than money. And I love Siya! No one will tell me what to do – I’m old enough to make my own decisions!

[Mr Nene overheard the conflict between Busi and her mom]

Mr Nene: Busi, what did you just say?

Busi: I said I’m old enough to make my own decisions, Dad.

Mr Nene: As long as you live under my own roof, you’ll do as I say.

Busi: Well, if that’s the case then I’m moving out.

Mrs Nene: Busi you don’t have to go.

Mr Nene: (angrily) Nkosikazi, if Busi wants to go then let her go!

Mrs Nene: Where are you going to stay?

Busi: I’m going to move in with Siya until I find my own place.

[Busi packs her bags and leaves the house – both parents stand in shock.]

Mr Nene: Starting from today I do not have a daughter, I don’t want anything to do with you…

[The end of Act 1. But, stay tuned for Act 2 of 3rd Avenue.]