As you live here on earth, you basically live for your better tomorrow. You live to be somewhere fruitful with your life. You live so as to be in a better position that your smile shall turn out to be your daily makeup. You desire to finish your education with flying colours. You don’t desire to dropout from your education and suffer. Everyone else here on earth hates suffering and that is why you are still at school until today with an intention to be a very successful person in future and even be living the life you have been dreaming in your life. You are working very hard in your life so that you shall be employed at a certain company so as to be earning a salary that shall help to support yourself and family.

Remember, as you are working very hard in your life to achieve your goal, you don’t have to work hard so that others should see you, you don’t have to work hard so that others should be prisoners of your pride. Instead, work hard so that you shall see yourself living a good life. Work very hard so that other people who are behind you in terms of education shall or should see you as their sources of their inspiration and motivation, and even their role models. In other words, don’t climb Mountains so that people can see you, climb mountains so that you can see the world.