Who is teaching the new generation of men how to deal with modern women?

We hear about brutal killings of our sisters and mothers, each and every day. Men are killing women like a deadly virus and nothing is done to help stop this mass killings.

I heard of a man who killed his wife and kids, that should be a shocking story, but I have heard far worse things men have done. We just look the other way, because if it does not concern you, then it’s none of your business.

I asked a group of young adult males why they think men kill women so much, and immediately one said, “My friend look around, women don’t respect themselves.”

“In which way?” I asked.

“You get two kinds of women, those who personally know they are nothing without a man, and those who think they do not need a man.”


“See there might be two kinds of women, but women think alike, they are smart at getting you to do whatever they want, so as a man we have egos and pride. So, if you do all these things she wants, working your hands to the bone to keep her happy and still feel like the man of the house, then you find her in the bed with another man, would you not kill her?”

“No one has power over anyone’s life. You cannot just take someone’s life like that.”

They carried on giving me scenarios of what would happen if this and that happened. But eventually it ended off with all agreeing that it has to do with a man’s instinct in different situations, and depending on how the man was raised.

If we can’t deal with the women of today who are strong, independent, smart, sneaky, and at times annoying, what more about the upcoming 2000s? That is a whole other gender-based violence wave that’s coming, unless we educate our young men about women.

If these killings do not stop, the death penalty should be brought back.


Tell us: What do you think can be done to stop GBV?