In what appears to be at a jungle, there is a gang of buffaloes comprising of two buffalos accompanied by a calf walking one after the other. A stone’s throw away, there appears a pride of lions crouching on the ground, waiting for their prey to come closer. As the gang heads along, they are attacked by the lions, the pride appear to have accumulated in number.

There are now five of them, the buffaloes manage to run back and escape the attack but the calf is unfit and is preyed upon. The pride of lions strangles the young fellow using their teeth, and then tries to drag it out of the water completely.

However, something appears to be dragging the calf inside the murky waters. It is a crocodile. But it is dubious whether it has come to the rescue or it is, like the lions, also looking for a meal to satisfy its instictive hunger. So, it is rather safe to say that the young one is better off on the ground than in the water.

During this interesting episode, the buffaloes return for their fellow species and manage to win this battle as they overpower the solitary crocodile. The calf is quiet now, it is moving idly. It has died a painful death. Several seconds thereafter, a fearsome poised gang of more than twenty-five buffaloes emerge; they have arrived for one of their own.

The lions attempt to run away but it is not all that succeed. The buffalos form a semi-circle around the lions, ‘walling’ them towards the dam. The young buffalo regains his strength and begins moving, it is still alive. The buffaloes chase after one lion but it manages to escape and run fast. One never tires of seeing what the fear of death can propel.

Two lions are left now; they are also chased away. The gang of buffaloes win the bitter battle in the end and manage to rescue their young. They are the ‘kings’ of the jungle as in this juggle it is evident that it is the “survival of the strong and elimination of the weak”, just like Charles Darwin claimed about evolution and natural selection. In this case it is the lions which are weak.

This is quite difficult to believe as it has always been said that it is them who are the kings of the jungle.


Tell us what you think: What do you think of what the narrator says that the fittest are the kings?