I’m a man of faith, I truly believe that everything that happens in the universe happens for a reason and life gives us lessons through everything that we face. Life is the best lecturer of all time!

I have heard people saying things like, “I hate bad times.”

Obviously we all want good times, but how many of us once came to the conclusion that bad times are part of life lessons? If you think like that, you are one of the few.

Getting laid off, divorce, jailed, betrayal and all sorts of problems are painful and definitely everyone passes through different challenges and most often, few are the ones that are able to withstand and take their afflictions as a life lesson. I will explain how you can use your bad times for you own good instead of just letting it overwhelm your entire life with bitterness, resentment and many more. Here are the few steps on how you can simply handle challenging times.

Firstly, you have to believe that everything happens for a reason. Everything that happens in your life, there is a reason why that thing is happening. Keep in mind that life is trying to teach you a lesson out of something that is going to make you a greater person. Eventually you will start welcoming any kind of challenge with warm hands and know that you won’t be the same at the end of that pain and that will simply make you grow.

Secondly, you have to know that difficult times are the foundation of good times. There is an African proverb that says, “There is no honey without bees,” and that simply means you have to withstand life’s challenges because at the end of that challenge there is prosperity. The difficult moments are there as a lesson and you are going to learn something at the end of the day that will make your life better one day. You definitely won’t get out from that life challenge the same. Remember life challenges comes and go and that will simply make you grow.

Eventually, most of our life lessons dwell outside of our comfort zone. People learn how to love after being hated, and how to care after being mistreated and people learn how to be generous after being ignored in times of need. Don’t waste your pain, don’t waste it at all. Good life is a result of understanding that life itself is a teacher and we have to learn from each and every lesson that is given to us in this universe.


Tell us: What life lessons did you take out from this essay?