“Hello, is this Mr Lucas Kyalo? Please make it to Devlon Hospital, it’s urgent,” said the doctor.

“Okay, doctor. I’m on my way.” Lucas took the car keys and hurriedly walked out of the house. Worry was written all over his face.

“Thank you Mr Kyalo for coming in time. We regret to inform you your mother has been involved in a car accident,” the doctor broke news.

“What, where’s she now? Can I see my mother please doctor?” said Lucas, with tears strolling down his cheeks.

Earlier on before the accident, Lucas’ mother was heading towards the bank ATM booth by the road. All over a sudden, she felt sharp pains in her abdomen down the waist. She felt weak and numb in the legs and then fell by the road. Luckily for her, a Good Samaritan saw her and took her to the hospital.

Lucas paced through the hospital, passing by patients with some not wearing masks.

“Good afternoon, can I see a patient by the name of Juliet Awino?” asked Lucas.

“What is good about this afternoon? Who is she to you?” retorted one of the nurses.

“She is my mother, she was admitted here about an hour ago,” said Lucas.

“Oh, that one! She looked haggard and tired. I don’t think she will ever make it!” mocked the nurse.

“Excuse me! Show some respect that’s my mother you’re talking about!” Lucas lost his cool.

“Do you think we care? Oya, go and make a queue like everyone else!” shouted the nurse. People stared at them. Some people chirped in support of the man.

“Show the man some respect, lady! He only asked politely but you responded rudely at him!” Said one man.

“You better show some respect or we will show you how!” another man stepped.

“Or you will kiss your job goodbye!” shouted another one.

The nurse remained as quiet as a jerrycan full of water. The doctor walked in amid the chaos.

“What’s going on here?” asked the doctor.

“Good afternoon, doctor. My name is Lucas Kyalo, Juliet Awino’s son. She is the patient who just got admitted here. I received a phone call earlier on,” said Lucas.

“Yes Mr. Kyalo I’m the doctor who called you. But, what’s going on here between you and the nurses?”

“Actually, it’s one of your nurses, she was rude to me earlier,” answered Lucas.

“Miss Amarachi, is that true?” the doctor popped out his eyes.

“Don’t you dare lie to him!” shouted someone at the back.

“Yes,” answered the nurse.

“Please meet me in my office now!” the doctor said.

“Okay, doctor,” the nurse packed her bag.

“M. Kyalo, follow me to the office as well please,” the doctor said.

At the office.

“I hope nothing is wrong with my mother, doctor” said Lucas.

“Actually, Lucas. There is something terribly wrong with your mother,” said the doctor.

“You are scaring me, doctor. What’s wrong with my mother?” asked Lucas.

“Your mother is suffering from cervical cancer and it keeps getting worse,” said doctor.

“What? It can’t be!” said Lucas, tears welling up in his eyes.

“She needs to undergo chemotherapy in order to remove the cyst,” said the doctor.

“Can I see her?” asked Lucas.

“Yes, you can. It’s only a matter of one hour before we start the chemotherapy session,” said doctor.

Inside the ward room, Juliet, was in pain. She saw Lucas and begged her to kill her so that she can end her misery.

“No! Are you insane? I can’t kill you mom! No!” shouted Lucas.

“Kill me! I want to die, son! I can’t bear this pain anymore,” cried Juliet.

“For how long have you kept this from me, mom? The doctor told me that you had been sick for two years now mama!” said Lucas.

“I didn’t want to trouble you with my illness,” said Juliet.

“But why mom,” Lucas was now struggling to contain tears falling from his eyes.

“I felt as if I was a burden to you. Telling you about my illness would complicate the financial situation you are now in,” said Juliet.

“Mom, you were never a burden to me. You know how much I care about you mom,” said Lucas.

“I know I know but I had to. Please son, if you really care about me like you said, please take away my pain.

“Kill me!” Said Juliet.

“I can’t! No matter how much you want to end your life, there is still hope. There is chemotherapy, you’ll be fine mom,” said Lucas.

“No! Do as I say. Or I will curse you and your generations. Kill me now, do it!” shouted Juliet. Lucas had no choice; he was caught between a rock and a hard place. Crying, Lucas took the pillow to end his mother’s life as she requested. But he was caught halfway by a nurse who then alerted the doctor.

Lucas then jumped through the window down the street to his own death. The guilt- stricken mother learned about his son’s death and mourned for him.

Three years later Juliet survived the cancer, she underwent all her tests and chemotherapies successfully. But the memories of her son’s death still linger in her mind and she lives with that guilt for the rest of her life.


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