That one special moment when you wear your high heels and walk tall. Walking with pride is important when that moment arrives, because it means you’re embracing your beauty.

Is it not perfect that everyone is looking at you and admiring your beauty? Your smile attracts the audience, your confidence is making them wonder where you’re from, and your walk is making them think of your journey to success.

Your racing heart means you’re doing the right thing, you’re walking firm with confidence. The colour of your teeth is white and bright, that is why your smile is shining. Your clothes are not expensive, but your walk is worth a million. Your high heels are the talk of the show. Because your walk is perfect, everyone is whispering about how perfect your shoes are.

Because you are bright, no one notices that you have pimples and your hair is a mess. Everyone is focused on how you move your waist and how you twist your heels. Your turns are so perfect, even the judge is speechless. The people are unable to take their eyes off of you. You are not wearing make-up, but your beauty makes it hard for them not to stare.

This is a moment you will never forget. You are modelling for the first time. This is your time to shine.


Tell us: Have you ever had a moment to shine?